Enhanced Meter Project: Columbus
Columbus Ohio skyline
Columbus is upgrading its aging water and power meters with new models. We are partnering with Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) to install 300,000 water meters and 17,000 power meters over the next few years. The installations will be performed at no additional cost to customers. Installations are scheduled to begin in January 2023.

Your new meter will be installed in the same general area with the addition of a small reading device outside the building.

Why the Enhanced Meter Project Matters to You

This project will result in enhanced customer service, improved operational efficiency and increased meter accuracy. Customer benefits, some of which will come at a future date when a new portal is implemented, will include:
  • Alert notifications
  • Detailed daily usage data/graphs to monitor
  • Better understanding of consumption patterns and inefficiencies
  • Customer Benefits for Water
  • Early leak detection
  • Customer Benefits for Power
  • Immediate outage notification to the city
  • Faster outage restoration

As we move into an area, mailings will be sent out to let you know that your area is open to schedule an appointment. Customers may choose to opt-in to receive text and phone call reminders for their upcoming appointments. However, if you prefer not to receive any reminder communications prior to your appointment, you can opt-out of all text and phone call reminders. If you have not received this mailer, your area is not currently being worked.
Because your water meter is located inside your residence, we are asking for your help by scheduling an installation appointment with UMS, the city’s meter contractor. Since power meters are located outside your home, an appointment is not required.
We’d like to minimize any interruption to your business. Schedule an appointment today and your new meter will be installed in the same location.

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the project.